I am an optimistic idealist, an explorer and a storyteller from around the world.

Since childhood, my overactive imagination was fueled by a strong appetite for storytelling, and I ended up calling myself a Writer.

Having been given the opportunity to live in diverse countries like Saudi Arabia, India, U.S.A. and New Zealand, I have developed a passion for exploring different cultures and places, as it enriches my writing. I believe in the power of generating content to spread ideas, engage minds and touch hearts.

I suffer from insatiable curiosity and till date I have worn several hats – that of a Communications Director and Editor to an Assistant Scriptwriter and Digital Content Specialist, a Stereo Compositor and Roto-artist and even a stint as a Telemarketer (gosh!) and a Pizza expert (Yum!).

On a more serious note, I have also worked with various organisations trying to combat extreme poverty and polio, raise awareness on various social issues and bridge the gap between people of different faiths and income groups.

Contact me if you are also looking for cool yet meaningful stuff to do. I believe every one of us has the ability to change the world for the better, bit by bit. Come, let us commit ourselves to a safer, more just world.