Are You Addicted too?

Make sure you are happy in real life… not just on social media.

We are addicted to social media nowadays. I know I am. I have my phone with me 24×7 and I read the messages and check notifications whenever it beeps. Heck, I even check it for messages when it doesn’t even beep! How many of you take your phone to the washroom as well? I know it’s a disgusting thought, but honestly, aren’t there some of you would rather scroll through your timeline even when nature calls? You sit there comfortably, forwarding messages and even answering a few emails while your body relieves itself. Multitaskers right? We even multitask when we are with our friends, clicking pics of our food, taking selfies… chatting with others on our phone while there is a person sitting in front of you trying to pour his/her heart out.

Kids nowadays refuse to eat unless you put on their favourite cartoons on Youtube. They are bribed with extra time on your phone if they keep quiet and finish their homework. They know how to download new games at the age of 4, the age when you were too afraid to climb a high slide all by yourself in the playground. We complain that kids are difficult nowadays, cranky all the time and impossible to deal with.

But really? Stop and think about it. Where are they learning this from? What role models are we when we can’t put our phone down as they tug at our sleeves for attention? We ask them to pose, pout and act so that we can post it on social media and brag about it to our online friends. Every Like, Love, Wow that the post gets gives us instant satisfaction. We long for comments and praises from absolute strangers that we had befriended online. And this is addictive.

We need to analyse ourselves because no one knows us better than we do. And then set down certain restrictions. No phones in the bedroom, no TV during dinner, no photos of every tiny success that needs to be cherished in our hearts rather than preserved digitally… Let us try to be in that moment, and enjoy life’s little surprises. Just try to truly live life and feel happy inside out…

Cheers to a wonderful life!


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