I Refuse To Be Called A Fool

“You are out of touch with reality.”

“Don’t be a f***ing Idealist.”

“Throw away these rose-tinted glasses and accept the truth you fool!”

Hey! I am not a blind idealist. I have a sense of reality. And I do know the truth about the existing situation around me.

If I don’t indulge in spreading negative news, it doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s happening around me.

If I don’t share posts about the bombing, about the riots, the massacres, the lynching and so on, it doesn’t mean such grave incidents don’t affect me.

If you can never find a provoking message or a hate spewing comment from me on someone’s post, it doesn’t mean I agree with that person’s views.

If I refuse to indulge in someone’s conversation regarding the communal or political or even sports rivalry, it doesn’t mean I am refusing to believe its existence.

If I don’t agree with your opinion, it doesn’t mean you can label me a Fool, an Impractical Idealist.

I am aware of what’s going on around me and I also believe in spreading awareness like you do. Trust me, I do. But my kind of awareness includes the good in others that I notice every single day. I try not to post negative news. I know horrible things are happening around the world right now. And I realize that this is the undeniable truth. But if everyone’s newsfeed is filled with hatred for other religions, other communities, other countries, other gender and all the ‘other’ parties, how will we find that ray of hope?

If we constantly bombard everyone’s newsfeeds with such negativity, aren’t we helping in spreading the Devil’s message via word of mouth? Even a single post about such incidents gets 1000s of comments from people spewing hatred for the ‘other’ party. I am not asking you to turn a blind eye towards the truth. I just wish we could sort out the various forms of this truth and focus on its positive side.

Muslim extremists attacked a bus carrying a group of Amarnath pilgrims and a Muslim driver drove the yatris to safety despite firing of bullets by militants. Now which part of this news dominates your newsfeed? I know reporting the crime is crucial but along with that report, if we show the complete truth we might just avoid communal clashes. If a leader of the RSS calls for the beheading of Marxist Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan and boasts of how Hindu society killed 2000 Muslims, should we not focus on the thousands of Hindu brother and sisters who condemn such violence? Whether it is about the Sikh militants in Punjab who pulled out and shot 32 Hindus from a bus or the NLFT separatist rebels who killed Shanti Kali in their desire to convert all tribespeople in the Tripura state to Christianity, there have been several thousands of Sikhs and Christians who live in harmony.

Now it is up to us to pick out such instances or focus on the people who are working towards uniting these communities. Report the incident, but also point out what people from these communities are doing against the agendas of such extremists.

In order to move forward and be a productive nation, we have to look at the positive side and not get so bogged down that we won’t be able to do anything good ourselves. These evil forces are thriving because we are helping them spread into everyone’s minds. I believe we should start highlighting the good around us… let’s not allow ‘Evilness’ to win over our thoughts and control our minds. The more people get to witness the good side, the more hope they will have, the more efforts they will make towards removing these evil forces, or in the very least efforts towards not letting them affect them, and those around them.

Let this be a war of Good v/s Evil

Not Hindu v/s Muslim v/s Sikhs v/s Christians

Or India v/s Pakistan v/s Bangladesh

Or Male v/s Female

Let others see that not everyone is BAD on the so-called ‘Other’ side.


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