My New Year's Resolutions


New Year’s Resolutions… ahem, ahem,

We make them, only to break them!


Year after year I have a list of mine,

Resolves, resolutions and promises divine,


Of surely losing that extra weight,

Protruding belly, that objectionable gait,


To jog daily- rain or shine,

All those treats I happily decline.


Oh the promise of sticking to that diet,

Not to give in without a fight,


Home workouts or joining the gym,

Walking daily, going for that swim.


A slimmer body, a fitter mind,

An easier way, I wish to find.


The enthusiasm that lasts for a day,

A week max, you could say.


The bed that won’t let me go,

The food that beckons me so,


It’s aint fair to test my patience,

To give in to such temptations,


Alas! Who am I to blame?

To carry the guilt, share that shame.


Yet another year lies ahead,

With resolutions I sorely dread,


We make them, only to break them,

New Year’s Resolutions… ahem, ahem 🙂





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