Benjamin Franklin once said, 'Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.' I intend to do both. ~ Hanadi Falki

Arranged Marriage Fiasco
Some of my friends here are surprised by the notion that ‘Arranged Marriage’ exists even today. But those of you,
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Stack of Memories
Call me an emotional fool, but I have a personal hoard of memories that I go through every time I
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A Visit to the Doc
Can you relate to the dreadful sensation at the pit of the stomach when the appointment with the doc is
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No more Namaste from me
Those who know me will be shocked by the title of this post. I have always been a person who believes
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Violent Verses in the Holy Quran?
“All Muslims are not Terrorists, but All Terrorists are Muslims.” I was recently challenged by this remark. I actually respect
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Am I a real Muslim?
Don’t start imagining me as a lady wearing a black burqa with my head covered, along with a veil on
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