Self Promotion- A necessary Evil

Self-promotion isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Certainly not mine.

I used to dislike talking about my skills and it’s a horror to actually go out there and ask people to read what I have written. Somehow, when I embarked on this journey to become an author, I didn’t realise that I would actually have to do this myself.

Nowadays, having a good social media presence is a necessity and one can’t escape it if they want to be successful. It’s no longer a case of letting your work speak for itself. With so many modes of reaching out to the audience, we need to tap into as many resources as we can. Some of the best work sometimes go unnoticed because it doesn’t reach the right audience. Some authors are old school and don’t want to do the publicising themselves. They simply want a quiet corner for themselves where they wish to write to their heart’s content. There are others who get too confused by the ever-evolving technology and coping up with it blocks their creative juices. Some feel that this is the job best done by their agents or the marketing team of their publishing houses. But for that, they need to grab the attention of such agents and publishers, right? So how does a newbie writer set about on this journey?

My advice for all aspiring authors would be to start creating your social media presence early; even before you start writing your intended book. Some of the most popular sites for self-promotion are FacebookTwitter and Tumblr. Some sites will work better for you than others depending upon your method of posting and your reach. Start writing blogs or send in articles, join writers’ groups and contribute to their discussions. Attend various literary events and share your experiences. Only by doing this you will learn a lot more about the world you are about to step into.

Nowadays, unless you are an established writer, a political figure or a celebrity, literary agents would like to know a bit more about the response of your readers before they invest their time and hopes on your writing abilities. And to be fair on them, it’s a justified demand. The more passionate you are about the success of your book, the easier it is for them to support you. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

So, for all those shy would-be authors out there, now is the right time to shake yourself up and start indulging in one of the most beneficial tools you will be requiring later on – Self Promotion.


7 thoughts on “Self Promotion- A necessary Evil

  1. The old school way might still be useful if you find the right place to showcase ur skills.
    Like enter into a competition or publish into some reputed place. It will always attract audience
    back to ur page if you mention it there.

  2. I still think that its very hard to talk about self. Mostly People think that we are boasting about ourselves. But I do agree with Shahbaz that entering in competitions will show case our name to a wider audience. Well I really wish all the best for u.

  3. I think self promotion is really necessary. Becoz now-a-days there is lots of scope for media and so many things similar to ours. If we want to distinguish ourselves than self promotion is necessary. This really is a nice topic for debate. I was given responsibility for choosing the debate topic for our annual competition. Thanz for giving me this idea.

  4. Well written. That’s the most difficult phase of new entrepreneurs or creative people.
    You need to find a balance between the two. And currently in the paid advertisement and promotion world,
    its easy to be left out of league from the people who are willing to pay to be promoted.
    In an ideal society, one would expect any and all skills to be evaluated and ranked via some competition,
    however that not being the case, We continue to engage in the necessary evil.

    1. The more money you invest in promotion, the more space you will get in the stacks of bestsellers, thus attracting the crowd. And since everyone will be reading what their friends are reading, it generates more sales and actually makes it a bestseller.

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