Hanadi is a very productive person. She is not only a self motivated and ambitious writer but also an inspiring colleague. This rare mix of productivity and ambition sets a great example for the rest of the people around her. Hanadi is a proactive and tireless contributor who would make a great addition to any team. I would highly recommend her for any position, as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something she is passionate about.

Hanadi is a wonderful person to talk to and discuss literature and life philosophies with. She can be described as a focused, determined and a strong woman. I admire the dynamic presence she possess as it fills her surroundings with positive energy. Her curiosity to explore and her pursuit of knowledge in any discipline makes her an excellent scholar.

Hanadi has been an invaluable member to our team of Digital Content Specialists at Yellow. She has proven to be an excellent leader figure within the team, both motivating and inspiring. Hanadi’s consistently positive attitude and passion for writing shine through both her professional demeanour and within her work. She has been the backbone behind numerous team building activities, which in turn have created a close-knit team and warm work environment. I would highly recommend Hanadi as a hardworking and talented addition to any workplace.

Hanadi possesses an unrivalled work ethic, as well as an endearing personality to match. Her ability to remain consistently focused over an extended period of time, drives and motivates everyone around her. Over our time working together, she displayed strong leadership and problem-solving skills which helped ensure our project was completed on time. Her most valuable contribution was taking on the responsibility of building our team spirit. She knows how to bring people together, and almost single handedly created a work environment as enjoyable as it was productive. As such, I believe she would be an invaluable part of any team or project aiming for success.

I hired Hanadi for a digital content enrichment project that included digital content copywriting, sourcing relevant content and creating rich webpages for businesses throughout New Zealand. She delivered the creativity and accuracy required for this role. Hanadi soon set herself apart as an achiever. Her writing skills were excellent and she assisted in copywriting tasks outside of the project based on her impressive writing style. I would recommend Hanadi for her absolute commitment to the project goal, her valuable contribution to a team environment and a pleasant, pro-active nature which definitely contributed to the success of the Yellow content enrichment project.

Hong RostDirector of International Education, University of Wisconsin

Hanadi Falki was an excellent student when she was a NESA program participant and she has a very pleasant personality. Most of her professors ranked her very highly. She has outstanding communication skills and was always willing to share her culture with American students. I have to say she is a good ambassador for her country and has the potential to be successful.

Siobhan HarveyA poet, prose writer, editor, reviewer and teacher

Hanadi graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing degree from The Centre of Creative Writing, Auckland University of Technology in 2015. I was the mentor for her Masters thesis. She is a talented author, one able to capture character, landscape and life in rich detail. Her greatest assets as a writer are her imaginative ability to tell contemporary story and her diligent capacity to meet deadlines.

Pradeep OjhaManager (Operations), The Dezign Desq

Hanadi has worked with us as an Editor during 2013. Her projects required her to generate content for, proof read and edit children's course books and get them ready for printing. During her association with us, we found her to be sincere, honest, and diligent in her responsibilities. She was a dedicated employee with a professional attitude and excellent knowledge of her work. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Elizabeth L. HollowayAssociate Lecturer, University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Ms. Falki is the kind of student whose scholastic abilities leave an impression on an instructor. She has strong written communication skills, and can clearly express her thoughts in writing. She can apply her own independent and critical thinking to the ideas presented in a variety of text genres: news, factual reports, critical essays, poetry and novels. Possessing a fine sense of humour, Ms. Falki is a delight to have in class.

Janis R. HansonSr. Lecturer & TESOL Coordinator, University of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Ms. Falki is one of the best students I have taught within the past 25 years. She demonstrated leadership ability as she engaged her international and American peers in discussions related to cultural mores and customs. Her fellow students benefitted from her insights and provocative questions. She also bridged cultures effectively through her fine sense of humor. Her essays related to the class discussions were outstanding. She is an excellent writer, who shows wisdom beyond her years. She is a wonderful woman with a promising future and it has been my privilege to have her as a student.

As the Communications Lead for P3 Foundation across the year of 2014, under our Marketing and Communications department, Hanadi carried the responsibility of writing content for a variety of contexts, ranging from web pages to proposals, as well as proofreading content on behalf of other volunteers. In this capacity, Hanadi demonstrated sound writing skills as well as the capacity to produce quality copy targeted at particular audiences and for particular purposes. Her dedication to her role and passion for the cause has been unwavering, and she has been a steady source of inspiration for all around her. As her manager, I do not hesitate to recommend Hanadi – she would be a valuable addition to any team.

Mohd. Firoz AliWhiz IT Solutions Ltd.

Miss Falki can be relied upon to generate good quality web content, as she did for some of our successful projects. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

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