That Thing You Call Life

Life is full of fleeting moments.

You work for a visualized moment, work so hard, search all nooks and corners of your brain for the perfect outcome, spent days and nights fussing over every detail… Yes, that moment you are thinking about right now, that’s the one I am talking about.

When that grand moment arrives, you are thrilled at your success, appreciated by everyone around you, flooded with congratulatory messages. You feel at the top of the world. A champion, the winner, an epitome of success.

And then?

What about when it ends?

How long does that moment last?

You then set up another goal, visualize another such successful moment in your head and get back to working.

When you think about it, was it all worth it? Of course the appreciation, the applause, the rewards, the profits and all other things that come with such achievements definitely makes the moment valuable in your life.

But was it worth spending endless days and nights, occupied completely in your work, to achieve this, this ephemeral moment of success? What about the portion of your life that just passed away unnoticed when you were busy working towards this moment?

Did you get time to actually live that part of your life?

Did you wake up with gratitude or were you thinking of all the tasks to do that day as soon as the alarm woke you up?

Did you savor the taste of that home-cooked meal or gulped down that take-away in the spare moment between your meetings?

Did you even get a few moments to ask someone about his day or were you just muttering greetings to people as you passed by them everyday?

Did you enjoy the cool breeze of summer mornings or looked up at the night sky, gazed at the stars? Or were you trapped in your office building all day, cooped up in the air-conditioned car later and stared at the mobile screen before you drifted off to sleep?

Did you get a chance to pick up a book and enter the world of that author, look at a different universe or even your own one differently through the eyes of those characters? Or were you occupied with the news, stock exchange rates, changing economy, market trends and the latest technological advancement of your own world?

And the list goes on…

I am not saying that what you do is not important, that it is not necessary to achieve the success you are after. Of course we can’t live in an idealist world, and just sit and dream away our days. Of course we need to work hard, chase our dreams, achieve our goals and ensure the progress of our nation.

But don’t forget to live a little too. Because it’s just this one life that you have got. You have to achieve a lot in it, but also enjoy every moment before it slips away unnoticed. Cherish the gift of time that you have, and don’t take others for granted. Nothing is permanent except for change. And everything around you is changing at a different pace. Your parents are getting older, siblings are getting busier, wife/husband is aging, children are growing up, and friends are moving on. Before you realize it, things will be gone forever. 

Ask yourself, do you really want to keep running ahead all the time? Or do you want to stop for a few moments every once in a while, take a deep breath, and look around, cherish the blessing called Life.

What do you want to do now?


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