The Golden Age of 20s

People generally dread the end of their 20s. If they could, they would want to be 20-something forever. And I don’t blame them, 20s are some of the best years of our lives. We are full of life and we get to explore ourselves, the people around us and the world we live in. It’s the right time to experiment and find out what we really want to do in life.

I would advise you to go ahead and experiment with life. Take risks. Now, I don’t mean reckless ones. Use your common sense and discover the different flavours of life. These risks will be a source of your wise decisions in future. It’s ok if you spend time doing something only to figure out that it wasn’t meant for you. You are young, you have ample time to figure out that perfect career that gives you loads of satisfaction years down the line. I had to go through various phases to land where I am today. Some may look at it as a waste of time, as being uncertain of my goals. But believe me, it’s worth it to switch jobs until you finally find yourself at peace with what you are going to do for decades ahead. Same goes for trying new things that may later develop into a productive hobby. Cook, read, paint, create or do whatever your heart fancies. Go ahead, explore life!

Amidst this exploring, we actually end up discovering ourselves. 20s is the right time to be honest to yourself about who you really are. And stick to being yourself. Life brings many influential people along the way over the years. Learn from them and evolve without forgetting your true self. Be unique, uniquely good. The basic YOU should always be the same pure person across all circumstances and events of your life. For this, you should find out who you truly are in your 20s – it’s the right time, you are just out of your confusing teenage years and not yet into the responsible serious adult life. Figure yourself out and be proud of being that person.

And no one knows that person as well as your family. From diaper phase to heartbreaks, they have seen you through it all. Try to spend quality time with you family whenever possible. Life is going to get busier soon and you might even be in different cities or countries later on. It’s better to enjoy the moments you have left together before your life partner joins in.  It’s going to be wonderful even then, but the sibling rivalry or the indulgent parents of today would evolve to something different later on when you have your own families to look after. You are definitely going to miss being carefree with your family as you did since childhood. So cherish it before it’s gone!

Same goes for your friends. It’s been said that the friendships formed during our 20s are some of the most long lasting ones in our lives. Break that inhibition and step out into the world. Let people see you for who you are. You will be surprised as to how welcoming people are! The bonds you form with your friends will teach you how to have fun, go on adventures, be daring, experiment with new things in life and most importantly, they will help you to taste the real happiness and joy of life. They will also teach you to withstand the adversities of life, to quarrel, resolve issues, move on, evolve and much more.

20s is also the time to fall in love. Fall in love and don’t shy away from letting them know of it. If they reciprocate, it’s an amazing feeling! You may end up with a partner for life. Someone who have seen you go through such a turbulent phase of your life and stuck by you, is surely worth being with. And even if you get rejected, cheated upon or faded out, believe me, it’s worth it. Heartbreak in your 20s makes you stronger and more realistic in your future relationship. You will find reasons to love yourself more and rise above the experience with a renewed energy! Your special someone may or may not enter your life in your 20s, but the feeling of innocent love for someone should definitely be experienced during this age.

Whether it’s family, friends or a beloved one, relationships are food for the soul. Along with getting in touch with your soul, you also need to condition your body for the coming years. Do good for your body, eat right. Exercise or go for long walks, try to stay fit. It will pay off later when you age gracefully thanks to your habit of drinking lots of water or choosing green over junk. And remember to do good for your mind, read books and then read more books. Take up that short-term course you always wanted to. Pay attention to current affairs, keep yourself informed of what’s going on around the world. Build up your knowledge. You will find yourself to evolving into an interesting intellectual by your 30s and believe me, it works wonders in your social and professional circles.

Some of the other things that make you indispensable for quality conversations are your travel stories. But for those, you need to travel as much as possible whenever you get the time. Funds can be a hindrance when we think of travelling because let’s admit it, cash is never abundant in our 20s. But you will be surprised as to how little you may need to explore different places. You don’t need to stay in luxury resorts for your holidays. Just take your backpack and set off to explore the nearest destination. Or form bigger groups of like-minded travellers and go on a budget trip somewhere. It’s not only economical to go in groups, it’s also so much more fun! Make it a monthly thing to unwind by exploring places where you have never been before. You will find your life getting enriched with so many memorable experiences.

And if you want to keep up with your expenses, you better get used to the art of saving in your 20s. Sometimes the right job for us doesn’t necessarily pay well. Get multiple jobs or do some freelance work for added income. Utilise the energy you have and fill up your pockets too. Work hard and party harder. With all the money coming in and the age that we are at, it gets tricky to balance your finances. Spend on yourselves because you earned it. But save for a rainy day too. The habit of saving, if formed early, can reap huge benefits later on in life when you have added responsibilities.

All in all, 20s can be a rollercoaster ride for most of us. I look back at mine with fondness. I hope you do the same with yours someday.



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