Arranged Marriage- A Fresh Perspective

On the recommendation of one of my esteemed reader, I decided to find out what the males in similar conditions are going through. We, ladies, are tired of hearing comments on our height, colour, bone structure, cooking skills and what not, whenever some families come over to enjoy snacks at our homes. I wonder what the guys go through.

If you think about it, it must be hard on guys too. The girl’s family decide their worth based on their height, built, salaries, their house, the number of family members and numerous other things. The things that are focussed on the security of their daughter in future. They want a well settled, well educated, handsome guy earning a high salary and preferably a nuclear family for their daughter. Why take the burden of taking care of the guy’s family huh?

But all families aren’t the same. Some accept the guy’s lack of education if he is well settled and love the profession he is in. Some get past the average looks if the family seem kind hearted. While others don’t even mind the slight difference in height if the person is reasonable in his expectations from their daughter. It all depends on the perspective through which you approach the whole issue. No one can guarantee a perfect married life for oneself, let alone for our children. Parents care for their children and out of that stems their attempts to secure the best match. The ultimate aim is to see their children happy with whoever they are meant to be with, hopefully for the rest of their life.

Whether it’s the guy’s family or the girls’s, there are genuinely good people out there who just want a new daughter or son for their home. They don’t want to differentiate between their daughter-in-law and their daughter. What’s wrong in expecting care from their daughter-in-law just as they would do from their daughter. Similarly for guys, just as you respect and care for your own parents, it wouldn’t hurt to do the same for the girl’s parents right? It’s all about mutual understanding between the couple as well as the two families. After all, parents go through the immense pressure of finding the best for their child. The future happiness of their child depends on their decision. And believe me, this is a HUGE responsibility. Maybe that’s why Indians are becoming more open to the thought of love-cum-arranged marriages. Parents are increasingly accepting the life partner their son/daughter chooses and then they arrange an extensive wedding for them. That way the responsibility lies with the guy/girl to decide wisely who they want to spend their life with.

So, in a way India is evolving. Whether this is an imitation of the Western culture (I sincerely hope not! Have you seen the divorce rates out there?!) or a better understanding between the two generations nowadays, I am glad that things are changing. Kudos to all such families out there 🙂


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