The Man for Her


“Let me be the man, alright?”

She looked at him and smiled. He was the MAN for her.

“You are a man who should be proud that his woman can stand up on her own in this world. You don’t have to go about indulging me with gifts or paying for my meals or booking flights and fixing technical glitches for me to be my man. I will never judge your manliness by how you carry my luggage for me, or pick up fights with people who tease me. Nor will your masculinity depend on you being a sport fanatic, a gym enthusiast or a fearless macho man.

Then what makes you my man? Well…

The way you smile when I catch you looking at me in a crowded room.

The way your hand gently slips in mine while crossing the road.

The way you slid a cushion under my neck during a long drive.

The way you notice the exhaustion in my eyes and advise me to rest.

The way you flinch when I do while you attend to my wounds.

The way you compliment me when I am unsure about myself.

The way you encourage me to fight my own battles fearlessly.

The way you wait patiently while I am off to give my best shot at work.

You push me out of my comfort zone to do what I never imagined doing.

And then look at me, pride pouring from your eyes at my achievements.

That’s what makes you my man…

And I am proud to be your woman.”



2 thoughts on “The Man for Her

  1. This is what today’s woman really wants in her man. She can get the rest all by herself. Really the best post on this topic that I have read in a long time. Way to go. Keep writing such inspirational posts.

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