Write, write, and write away


Write, write, and write they say,

As easy as it sounds? No way!


Life kicks in unexpected ways,

Any excuse to fill up your days,

Impossible deadlines, delayed appointments,

Hectic schedules, moments of disappointments.


Work hard, party harder they say,

Eat, pray and love if you may,

Days and nights of cheap thrills,

Temptations that deter the strongest wills,


Write, write, and write they say,

As easy as it sounds? No way!


Long gone are the peaceful moments,

Heart at ease, the gentle flow of thoughts,

Engaging characters, revealing twisted plots,

Visualizing landscapes with surreal backdrops.


Oh how I wish a corner for myself,

Tucked away beside a bookshelf,

Do I have to get up and go out?

Can’t this be my permanent spot?


Sitting there, unleashing my thoughts till late.

Can’t the cleaning, dusting and cooking wait?

Oh the bliss of having no one to disturb,

As I write away, all other desires curbed.


Write, write, and write they say,

As easy as it sounds? No way!


Impossible to write without interacting,

Without observances enriching my writing.

Is it feasible to stay away from it all?

To write about the world, big and small.


Ironic, I would say, it definitely is,

The desire to escape and the need to nourish.

Few moments as I slide along my daily life,

A balance without expectations running rife.


The happy moments, the feelings alive,

That renders joy to my character’s life,

The tears, the frustration, the sorrows I face,

Aren’t these the feelings readers chase?


Amusing enough for all to enjoy,

The numerous incidences that fill my life,

Can’t let go of one, for the other?

Nah, it’s the balance the writers strive.


My life, my writing, both enrich my soul,

A balance I need to find between them all,

The rush of life stimulates my mind,

A contract with me, I have signed.


Writer’s block you say?

Here, I pushed it away!



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